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Books for Milestone Year You Were Born or Year Married

Books for Milestone Year You Were Born or Year Married

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Item Code: NOS-0256


Books for Milestone Year You Were Born or Year Married

Mini books for the Milestone Year Born or the Year Married.

This mini book covers an entire year's worth of information such as:
  • Prices
  • Advertisements from periodicals
  • Facts
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Trivia
Suitable either as a Birthday Gift or an Anniversary Gift, this book:
  • Is approximately 60 pages in length
  • Measures 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" in size
  • Is Hardcover
  • Glossy, Color pages
  • Available for all milestone years between 1948 and 1978

Here are samples of what you’ll find in our mini books:
  • 1946 Philippines gain independence from US / ENIAC is first electronic digital computer / First Cannes Film Festival / The Lost Weekend is Best Picture
  • 1947 independence for India and Pakistan / Brooklyn Dodgers add Jackie Robinson to lineup / NY Fest: Dodgers lose to Yankees / The Best Years of Our Lives is Best Picture
  • 1948 Assassination of Gandhi / Israel formed / Gentleman's Agreement is Best Picture / Sexual Behavior in the Human Male published by Kensey
  • 1949 NATO Alliance formed / Apartheid institutionalized in South Africa / Hamlet is Best Picture / Pantomime Quiz Time is First Emmy Award
  • 1950 Start of the Korean War / McCarthyism Era begins / All the King's Men is Best Picture / The Martian Chronicles written by Ray Bradbury
  • 1951 U.S. sees color TV for first time / Movies released: A Streetcar Named Desire, The African Queen, A Place in the Sun, An American in Paris / All About Eve is Best Picture
  • 1952 Elizabeth II Coronation / Record numbers watch Nixon's Checker's Speech / Dodgers defeated by Yankees / An American in Paris is Best Picture
  • 1953 Death of Joseph Stalin / Korean armistice / TV Guide’s first issue / Marilyn Monroe is in first Playboy magazine / The Greatest Show on Earth is Best Picture
  • 1954 Senator McCarthy condemned by Senate / Racial segregation banned in public schools / From Here to Eternity is Best Picture
  • 1955 Churchill resigns / Rosa Parks refuses to sit at the back of the bus / Brooklyn dodgers beat Yanks / Best Picture: On the Waterfront
  • 1956 First hydrogen bomb dropped on Bikini Atoll / Brooklyn Dodgers lose to Yankees / First rock star: Elvis Presley / Marty is Best Picture
  • 1957 Sputnik I launched by USSR / West Side Story is on Broadway / Around the World in 80 Days is Best Picture
  • 1958 European Common Market is formed / Explorer I, first US satellite, is launched / Atlantic jet service started by BOAC / The Bridge on the River Kwai is Best Picture
  • 1959 Tibet's Dalai Lama safe in India / Alaska and Hawaii are 49th and 50th states / Opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway / Frank Sinatra gets his first Grammy / Gigi is Best Picture
  • 1960 South Vietnam accepts 900 US military advisers / Nixon defeated by Kennedy / Movies: The Apartment, Psycho, Sons and Lovers, The Sundowners / laser invented
  • 1961 Failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion / Berlin Wall separates East and West Berlin / Alan Shepard is first american in space / The Apartment is Best Picture
  • 1962 Verge of Nuclear War with the Cuban Missile Crisis / SF Giants lose to Yankees / Marilyn Monroe overdoses at 36 / The Tonight Show host is now Johnny Carson / West Side Story is Best Picture
  • 1963 Hot line installed between Moscow and Washington / Military advisers in South Vietnam increases to 15,000 / Yanks lose to LA Dodgers / Lawrence of Arabia is Best Picture
  • 1964 Nelson Mandela receives life imprisonment / Tom Jones is Best Picture / Henry Mancini garners Grammy with "The Days of Wine and Roses,"
  • 1965 190,000 US combat troops enter Vietnam / Rioting is LA’s Watts district / Top Grosser is The Sound of Music / My Fair Lady is Best Picture / It’s a Grammy for The Girl From Ipanema
  • 1966 Start of Medicare / Police must now read Miranda rights to suspects / Star Trek debuts on TV / The Sound of Music is Best Picture
  • 1967 Arab/Israeli Six-Day War / First black US Supreme Court justice is Thurgood Marshall / A Man for All Seasons is Best Picture / Sinatra’s "Strangers in the Night" is Grammy winner
  • 1968 Tet Offensive launched by North Vietnamese / Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated / In the Heat of the Night is Best Picture / 5th Dimension ‘s "Up, Up and Away" is Grammy winner
  • 1969 First moon walk by Apollo 11 astronauts / Rock scene in Woodstock, NY / First time for Sesame Street / Oliver! Is Best Picture: / "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel collects Grammy
  • 1970 Cambodia invaded by US/ National Guardsmen slay Kent State students / The floppy disk introduced by IBM / Midnight Cowboy is Best Picture
  • 1971 Busing to achieve desegregation decided to be legal / Daniel Ellsberg publishes the Pentagon Papers / Voting Age lowered to 18 / New: All in the Family / Patton is Best Picture
  • 1972 Nixon travels to communist China / Eleven Israeli athletes slain at the Munich Olympic Games / Watergate scandal erupts / The French Connection is Best Picture
  • 1973 Ceasefire signed in Vietnam / Arab/Israeli Yom Kippur war / OPEC initiates the oil embargo / Abortion is declared to be legal / The Godfather is Best Picture
  • 1974 The Symbionese Liberation Army kidnaps Patricia Hearst / Resignation of President Nixon, Gerald Ford succeeds Nixon and then pardons him / The Sting is Best Picture
  • 1975 Khmer Rouge in Cambodia / End of the Vietnam War/ It’s two assassination attempts for President Ford / VCRs in the stores / The Godfather Part II is Best Picture
  • 1976 Lebanonese Civil war ends /U.S. Bicentennial / One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is Best Picture
  • 1977 Chinese Communist Party expels the Gang of Four / Vietnam war draft evaders pardoned by Carter / Star Wars in theaters / Rocky Best Picture
  • 1978 Mass suicide by Jim Jones followers in Guyana / Walkman introduced by Sony / World’s first test-tube baby / Annie Hall is Best Picture
  • 1979 Pol Pot deposed/ Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident / "Rapper's Delight" is first commercial rap hit, / The Deer Hunter is Best Picture
  • 1980 Hostage Crisis in Iran / John Lennon Killed in NYC / CNN started by Ted Turner / Kramer vs. Kramer is Best Picture
  • 1981 hostages freed in Iran / Hinckley shoots President Reagan and others / strike air traffic controllers / First identified: AIDS / IBM’s first personal computer / Ordinary People is Best Picture
  • 1982 British overcome Argentina in Falklands war / Equal Rights Amendment fails ratification / Michael Jackson releases Thriller / Movies: E.T., Tootsie, Gandhi, The Verdict / Chariots of Fire is Best Picture

Books for Milestone Year You Were Born or Year Married

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