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Deck of Trivia Cards For Any Milestone Year

Deck of Trivia Cards For Any Milestone Year

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Deck of Trivia Cards For Any Milestone Year

Trivia Cards for any Milestone Year from 1949 to 1979. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, these trivia playing cards are a fun addition to the party.

These decks can be used as normal playing cards but each card also has a trivia question for the year in question on it. Also on each card is some sort of picture giving a “hint” to the answer. The actual answers are on a separate card.

Use them as a party game, as a gift, or as decorations for the table- it's your choice.


Listed below are sample questions for each year!
  • 1936 What lurid propaganda film, now camp classic, was created to warn against the use of marijuana?
  • 1942 Clocks are moved forward near the start of spring and backward in autumn as a result of this program
  • 1943 Who played Frankenstein in Universal’s “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”?
  • 1944 What red-haired bombshell starred with Gene Kelly in the musical “Cover Girl”? / Image: Picture of the redhead in question!
  • 1945 Who played the title role in the movie “Mildred Pierce”?
  • 1946 What torrid murder scheme movie starred Lana Turner and John Garfield? / Image: Picture from the movie trailer
  • 1947 Name the 3 leading stars of the film “Road to Rio”
  • 1948 What comedy duo “met” Frankenstein in this 1948 movie?
  • 1949 What long-distance passenger train featuring Vista Dome cars made it debut?
  • 1950 What country demands that Britain remove all its troops from the Suez Canal? / Image: The pyramids are shown
  • 1951 What show debuts on NBC starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans?
  • 1952 Who does actress Nancy Davis marry in March? / Image: Actress & hubby are pictured!
  • 1953 What film starring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra and Deborah Kerr wins 8 Oscars?
  • 1954 What war memorial is dedicated by President Eisenhower on November 10th?
  • 1955 What theme park opens in Anaheim, California?
  • 1956 What actress marries Prince Rainier of Monaco?
  • 1957 What new television western stars James Garner?
  • 1958 What space agency does the U.S. Congress create?
  • 1959 What television series created and hosted by Rod Serling premiers on CBS?
  • 1960 What European city hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics?
  • 1961 What invasion by U.S. backed Cuban expatriates failed to topple Fidel Castro?
  • 1963 Which “Cleopatra” actress becomes the first Hollywood star to receive $1 million for her role?
  • 1964 Which Beatles song was the first to reach #1 in the U.S.?
  • 1965 Who played the “Man With No Name” in the spaghetti western “For a Few Dollars More”?
  • 1966 Which series featuring Adam, Hoss and Little Joe was the #1 show on TV?
  • 1967 What was the name of the world’s first large scale outdoor rock festival?
  • 1968 What TV series featured three young cops: “One black, one white, one blonde”?
  • 1969 Who was the first human to set foot on earth’s moon?
  • 1970 What global holiday proclamation is issued by San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto on March 21st?
  • 1972 What video arcade game does Atari introduce?
  • 1973 What team wins Super Bowl VII completing the NFL’s only perfect season?
  • 1974 ”The Rumble in the Jungle” is a prize fight between which two boxers?
  • 1975 What oil pipeline begins construction?
  • 1976 Who is the challenger that Gerald Ford defeats in three Republican primaries?
  • 1977 What music icon dies in Memphis, Tennessee?
  • 1978 In what city and state is the serial killer Ted Bundy captured?
  • 1979 While on a solo fishing trip President Carter is attacked by “a large wet animal making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth , intent upon climbing into the Presidential boat”. What type of animal is it?
  • 1980 Name the Washington volcano which erupted, killing 57 and causing catastrophic damage?

Deck of Trivia Cards For Any Milestone Year

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