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Tips for Building Client Loyalty

Maintain Client Loyalty to Keep Business Moving Forward

Financial advisors know the most important thing to growing their firm is to focus on their clients. When clients stay with your financial firm, the firm inherently grows because of word of mouth and a stable client base. The firm is them able to focus the majority of its marketing dollars on attracting new clients, which are more expensive to acquire.

The following ideas will help you maintain your clientís loyalty with your firm:

  1. Keep your communication with clients flowing from month to month

    Donít just contact clients once a year for a year-end review, or when there are major market changes. Contact your clients at least monthly. Take copious notes as they speak and find what they have been doing, what their interests are, what their concerns are. The next time you call, keep the thread of conversation going from your last phone call. For example, your client Mary might say in April she is worried about how the market might affect her portfolio because she wants to take a big trip to New Zealand in August. In May, call her and mention how her portfolio has improved in the last month, and how favorable it looks for her to still take the trip.

  2. Get to know their families and friends

    As you get to know your clients better, think of it as a social media experience. Ask about the clientís friends and family members. It not only shows your concern but it also is an intuitive way for you to gradually expand out your client list. For example, you can say something like ďAnd how is your brother George? Is he still planning to retire next year? Do you think he could use my assistance in planning for it?"

  3. Send small gifts to clients as tokens of remembrance

    The best thing you can do to maintain client loyalty is to show that your financial firm is a considerate and caring firm to your clients. Clients donít want to be known by their portfolios or their account numbers. Clients want to be known as people. Itís important for them to have a personalized relationship with the key figures they trust in their lives. You, as a financial advisor, become one of those trusted people. Send each client a small birthday gift each year. If you need ideas, see our gifts for clients page. Many of the gifts can be personalized with your brand, logo or message to keep your firm in the forefront of your clientís mind.

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