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Year Greeting Cards

Year Greeting Cards

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Item Code: NOS-0200


Year Greeting Cards - Birthday or Anniversary

Put your own sentiment on a nostalgic greeting card for that special year.

These year greeting cards fold-out as a full color card with pictures and trivia that includes:
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Prices
  • Headlines
  • Movies
  • A little calendar from that year
  • Covers the years from ,b>1930 through 2001
  • Suitable for either a birthday card or an anniversary card
  • Envelope included
  • Measures 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"
  • Includes a space for you to write your own special greeting in the "time worth remembering" section

Here’s some samples of the info you’ll find on these cards:
  • 1930 First Coast to Coast Air Service / Phillies win Series / $610 will buy a new car / 9¢ for a loaf of bread / “Three Little Words” by Duke Ellington
  • 1931 Iowa, Nebraska and South Carolina plagued by grasshoppers / Series won by St Louis Cards / $1,858 is the average Income / 16¢ will buy a dozen eggs / Movie goers see “The Front Page” /li>
  • 1932 Oklahoma City is first to install parking meter / LA hosts the 10th Summer Olympics / It’s a Pulitzer for “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck / Bing sings “Please”
  • 1933 First Nessie sighting in Scotland / Monopoly hits the stores / $5,759 will buy a new house / 25¢ buys a pound of bacon / “Cavalcade” wins Academy Award
  • 1934 Feds get John Dillinger / They also get Bonnie & Clyde / $625 is the cost of a new car: / 8¢ for Bread / “Moon Glow” from Benny Goodman
  • 1935 Motorcycle accident kills Lawrence of Arabia / Series title goes to the Tigers / $3,400 is the cost of a new house / 17¢ for a dozen eggs / “Cheek to Cheek” by Fred Astaire
  • 1936 First Nobel Prizes / World Series captured by the Yankees / 10¢ for a gallon of gas / It’s the Oscar for “The Great Ziegfeld”
  • 1937 The silver screen shows ”Snow White” / Look magazine’s first issue / S760 buys you a new car / America listens to “It’s De-Lovely” by Eddy Duchin
  • 1938 Xerox’s first copier / Seeing eye dogs / Wanna go to Harvard? It’s $420/year / Oscar awarded to “you Can’t Take It With You”
  • 1939 NYC World’s Fair displays the 1st TV / WW II starts as Poland is invaded/ $3,850 buys a new House / “Address Unknown” from the Ink Spots
  • 1940 England’s prime minister is now Winston Churchill / Series goes to Cincy’s Reds / 11¢ a gallon to fill the tank / 15¢ a pound for hamburger / “Blueberry Hill” is anther of Glenn Miller’s releases
  • 1941 British sink the Bismarck / Japanese attack Pearl Harbor / 3¢ will buy one postage stamp / Two box office hits: “The Maltese Falcon” and “Citizen Kane”
  • 1942 Japanese halted at the Battle of Midway / Age 18 is new Draft age / House Price is $3,775 / “White Christmas” is a hit for Bing
  • 1943 Italy invaded by the Allie / Marines capture Guadalcanal / It’s $900 for a new car / “Paper Doll” sung by The Mills Brothers / The Oscar goes to “Casablanca”
  • 1944 Congress passes the GI Bill / Anne Frank discovered and sent to a concentration camp / First Chiquita Bananas / It’s the Oscar for “Going My Way”
  • 1945 Truman becomes president after FDR passes / World Series grabbed by the Tigers / $4,625 buys a new house / The Andrew Sisters sing “Rum and Coca-Cola” / Oscar for “The Lost Weekend”
  • 1946 US grants The Philippines independence / World Series champs is St Louis / $1,125 is the cost of a new car / Movie goers see “It’s a Wonderful Life” / “The Gypsy” is sung by Dinah Shore
  • 1947 Independence for India and Pakistan / Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls / $2,854 is the average income / Christmas classis “Miracle on 34th Street” / Oscar goes to “Gentlemen’s Agreement”
  • 1948 European reconstruction benefits from the Marshall Plan / London Summer Olympics / It costs $525/year to go to Harvard / “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” stars Bogart
  • 1949 Communist take over China / NATO created / It costs $7,450 for a new house / It costs 14¢ for bread / “Careless Hands” sung by Mel Torme / The Oscar goes to “All the King’s Men”
  • 1950 South Korea invaded by North Korea / Series won by The Yankees / $3,216is the average Income / 84¢ for a gallon of milk / Oscar winner is “All About Eve” / “Mona Lisa” sung by Nat King Cole
  • 1951
  • 1952 First published : The Diary of Anne Frank / Helsinki hosts the Summer Olympics while Oslo hosts the Winter Olympics / “A Guy is a Guy” by Doris Day / It’s the Oscar for “The Greatest Show on Earth”
  • 1953 Armistice signed in Korea / Coronation ofQueen Elizabeth / First productions of the Corvette / Patti Page releases “The Doggie in the Window” / Its Oscar time for “From Here to Eternity”
  • 1954 First administration of the polio vaccine / Color TV costs $1,000 / “Oh! My Papa” sung by Eddie Fisher / It’s Oscar time for “On the Waterfront” / Jimmy Stewart in “Rear Window”
  • 1955 First year for both “The Mickey Mouse Club” and ”Captain Kangaroo” / Colonel Harlan goes on the road to sell chicken / Disneyland opens / Earnest Borgnine’s “Marty” is Oscar winner
  • 1956 Crisis in the Suez Canal / Prince Rainier weds Grace Kelly / $2,050 for a new car / It’s an Oscar for “Around the World in Eighty Days”
  • 1957 USSR launches Sputnik / Little Rock segregation sees US troops / “The Cat in the Hat” / “Wake Up Little Susie” by the The Everly Brothers
  • 1958 1st US satellite / Army inducts Elvis Presley / Pizza Hut appears in Kansas / Oscar winner is “Gigi” / “Yakety Yak” sung by The Coasters
  • 1959 St Lawrence Seaway opens / Ford’s Edsel officially called a flop / Alaska becomes 49th state / “Ben Hur” is Oscar winner / The Platters sing “Smoke Gets You’re your “Eyes”
  • 1960 USSR shots down U-2 Spy Plane / “The Pill” appears / World champs are the Pirates / Oscar nod to “The Apartment” while everyone is frightened by “Psycho”
  • 1961 Disaster in the Bay of Pigs / Communists build the Berlin Wall / First man is space is from the USSR / First American also in space / “Hit the Road Jack” from Ray Charles / Oscar for “West Side Story”
  • 1962 It’s almost war with the Cuban Missile Crisis / John Glenn orbits the earth / Both Walmart and KMart open first stores / “Big Girls Don’t Cry” sung by the 4 Seasons / Oscar garnered by “Lawrence of Arabia”
  • 1963 “I Want to Hold your Hand” is first Beatles U.S. hit / Kennedy assassinated / Oscar goes to “Tom Jones” / Hitchcock’s “The Birds”
  • 1964 China goes nuclear / Lung cancer tied to cigarettes / “Leader of the Pack” sung by The Shangri-Las / The Oscar goes to “My Fair Lady”
  • 1965 Arch over the Mississippi at St Louis built / Guys appreciated the miniskirt / “Eight Days A Week” is one more Beatles hit / The Oscar garnered by “The Sound of Music” / Omar Shariff in “Doctor Zhivago”
  • 1966 Start of Mao’s Cultural Revolution / NBC premiers “Star Trek” / “Hanky Panky” sung by the Shondells and “Cherish” is sung by The Association
  • 1967 Millions watch The Fugitive’s final episode / “Light My Fire” by The Doors / It’s an Oscar for “In the Heat of the Night”
  • 1968 North Vietnamese Tet Offensive / USSR crushes the Prague Spring / In Memphis Martin Luther King Jr is assassinated / Robert Kennedy dies in California
  • 1969 US puts the first Man on the Moon / Sesame Street appears / “Honky Tonk Women” from The Rolling Stones / “Midnight Cowboy” is Oscar material
  • 1970 The Beatles disband / Series Champs are Baltimore’s Orioles / $23,400 for a new house / The Oscar goes to “Patton” / “American Woman” sung by The Guess Who
  • 1971 First soft contact lenses / 1st pocket calculator / $10,622 is the average income / Janis Joplin belts out “Me and Bobby McGee” / The Oscar is garnered by “The French Connection
  • 1972 Nixon finally makes President / Equal Rights Amendment fails / $27,600 for a new house / “Ben” sung by Michael Jackson / The Oscar goes to “The Godfather”
  • 1973 US involvement in Vietnam ends / Arab-Israeli Yon Kippur war / Oil embargo by OPEC / $3,950 for a new car / Oscar selection is “The Sting” / “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce
  • 1974 India develops atomic bomb / Nixon resigns - Gerald Ford takes over / $34,900 to purchase a new house / “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin / Oscar nod for “The Godfather Part II”
  • 1975 N. Vietnamese take Saigon / Microsoft started by Bill Gates / it’s Disco! / $14,816 for an average Income / “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by Elton John / Oscar awarded to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
  • 1976 Apple’s first computer / New President: Jimmy Carter / $4,557 for a new car / “Tonight’s the Night” sung by Rod Stewart / Oscar awarded to “Rocky”
  • 1977 Son of Sam imprisoned / Alaskan Oil Pipeline / $4,785 for a new car / “Hotel California” by the Eagles / Oscar for “Annie Hall” / “The Spy Who Loved Me”
  • 1978 Cambodia invaded by Vietnam / Mass suicide (900) in Guyana / $54,749 is the price of a new house / “Night Fever” is a Bee Gees hit / Oscar given to “The Deer Hunter”
  • 1979 Walkman by Sony is in stores / Afghanistan invaded by Soviets / $5,758 for a new car / Oscar for “Kramer vs Kramer” / “Hot Stuff” sung by Donna Summer
  • 1980 Iraq/Iran war starts / US boycotts Moscow Olympics because of Afghanistan / John Lennon shot in New York / $68,714 for a new home / “Magic” from Olivia Newton-John / Oscar win for “Ordinary People”
  • 1981 Lady Diana weds Prince Charles / 1st female judge on Supreme Court / $7,718 buys a new car: / “9 to 5” made popular by Dolly Parton / It’s an Oscar for “Chariots of Fire”
  • 1982 UK/Argentine Falklands War / $21,073 is the average Income / “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago / Oscar win by “Ghandi”
  • 1983 200 US Marines killed in Beirut airport bombing / $82,600 for a new home/ Men At Work sing “Down Under” / Oscar goes to “Terms of Endearment”
  • 1984 1st portable CD player from Sony / Donald Duck is 50 / $8,749 for a new car / “Like A Virgin” by Madonna / Oscar selection goes to “Amadeus”
  • 1985 ”Les Miserables” in NYC theater / Ozone layer’s hole discovered / No more leaded gasoline / $89,331 get yous a new house / “Money For Nothing” from Dire Straits / Oscar for “Out of Africa”
  • 1986 First Nintendo games in US / Space Shuttle Challenger explosion / $9,281 for a new car / “The Greatest Love Of Them All” sung by Whitney Houston / Oscar goes to “Platoon”
  • 1987 Regan is embroiled in the Iran-Contra Scandal / Pay $92.024 to get a new house! / “La Bamba” sung by Los Lobos / The Oscar goes to “The Last Emperor”
  • 1988 After 8 years, the Iraq-Iran war ends / Pay $10,432 for a new car! / Oscar kudos to “Rain Man” garners Oscar and a young Tom Hangs stars in “Big” / “Look Away” is a Chicago hit
  • 1989 Major oil spill in Alaska by the Exxon Valdez / Plunk down $15.403 for a new car: / “Miss You Very Much” is a Janet Jackson hit / Oscar garnered by “Driving Miss Daisy”
  • 1990 Desert Storm is US response to Iraqi invasion of Kuwait / Fox debuts with “The Simpsons” / If you made $28,906, you had the average US Income / “Blaze of Glory” from Jon Bon Jovi / Oscar goes to Costner’s “Dances With Wolves”
  • 1991 South Africa gives up Apartheid / $120,000 for a new home / “Someday” by Mariah Carey / The Oscar awarded to “The Silence of the Lambs”
  • 1992 LA riots caused by Rodney King video / Bejing opens the world’s largest McDonalds / $16,950 gets you a new car / “End of the Road” sung by Boyz II Men / Oscar goes to “Unforgiven”
  • 1993 NAFTA approved / Motorcycle maker Harley Davidson is 90 / $12,750 for a new car / “Have I Told You Lately” sung by Rod Stewart / It’s the Oscar for “Schindler’s List”
  • 1994 Lillehammer hosts the Winter Olympics / Michael Jackson weds Lisa Marie Presley / $119.043 gets you a new home / “The Power of Love” released by Celene Dion / It’s an Oscar for Hank’s “Forest Gump”
  • 1995 War in Bosnia / MacVee & Nichols bomb Oklahoma City / NBC debuts “Seinfeld” / $35,900 is the average Income / “Cotton Eyed Joe” by Rednex / It’s an Oscar for Gibson’s “Braveheart”
  • 1996 Britain battles Mad Cow disease / Kabul seized by the Taliban / Olympic games in Atlanta / $118,200 for a new House / “Wannabe” sung by The Spice Girls / Oscars goes to “The English Patient”
  • 1997 Car accident claims Princess Di / Haley Bopp comet drives Heaven’s Gate cult to suicide / $16,950: cost of a new car: / “Men in Black” stars Will Smith / Oscar & gigantic box office take goes to “Titanic”
  • 1998 Albanians fight Serbs in Kosovo / On the market: Viagra / $129,300 will buy a new Home: / “One More Time” (& belly buttons) by Britney Spears / Oscar awarded to “Shakespeare in Love”
  • 1999 War in Kosovo; NATO bombing campaign / Y2K bug / Shootings at Columbine High School / $40,816 is the average income: / “Last Kiss” from Pearl Jam / Oscar for “American Beauty”
  • 2000 Internet bubble pops / $134,120 for a new Home / “Say My Name” sung by Destiny Child / The Oscar goes to “Gladiator”
  • 2001 Air campaign causes Taliban regime collapse / Country alarmed by Anthrax letters / ABC premiers “Who Wants to be a Millionaire / “Pop” by N Sync / An Oscar for “A Beautiful Mind”

Year Greeting Cards

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